Don’t get me wrong, I like grapplers, BJJ fighters, MMA, UFC, and wrestlers.

I did a bit of Judo and Aikido in the past, and dumping and tossing a guy two times your size is a lot of fun!

That being said, I (as well as most Wing Chun practitioners I’ve met) could use more time training a good ground game.

A Wing Chun sifu said to me once, “I studied wrestling and bjj NOT because I think they’re useful on the street; I learned them so I don’t freak out if I find myself on the ground, and so I know what to expect and how to counter it…”

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

I just previewed the new update to this killer, cutting edge mobile and online grappling training tool that really helps your ground fighting game, even if you’re not a grappler, and don’t have a lot of time!

Know Your Enemy!

I’ve heard this said a lot lately: “70% of fights end on the ground…” I usually say, “SO WHAT!? 100% start standing up!”

However, if you want to be a complete martial artist, or you train for sport and competition, you must have a solid base on the ground.

The truth is, out on the street, if you fall, trip, or are taken to the ground, you need to be prepared.

Prepared for what they’re going to do next, and prepared with your counter so you come out a winner (and alive).

If you’re busy like me, training a second martial art full-time isn’t practical.

But simply knowing your enemy, and knowing what to expect gives you the upper hand.

I’m very impressed with this grappling resource.

When Bob, the expert who developed it, asked me to help him promote and share this I was hesitant at first.

I told him that I’m a striker and most people I know are strikers as well.

After a bit of thought, I figured it couldn’t hurt to keep an open mind and check out what the enemy is up to.

I took a peek at some of his videos and realized that he completely codified and systematized ground fighting. Amazing!

Plus, his method is super easy to use and understand, even if you’re not a ground fighter like me.

But then he went even further. He recently updated his tool and made it mobile, so you can train and review right on the mat. Genius!

Bob told me that before jumping into grappling martial arts, he trained Kung Fu for many years. And, I hate to say it, but he’s managed to incorporate “muscle memory” training for grapplers in his program. We better be careful.

When I watched the videos and listened to his methods, I instantly understood how effective it is; and therefore how effective and deadly anyone learning through Bob would be.

The good news is most Wing Chun Kung Fu martial artists will feel comfortable with his familiar and easy to follow training methods.

It really speeds up mastery. So much so, I’m thinking of mimicking my Wing Chun training methods after Bob’s grappling training process.

Blending his training system into Wing Chun will make all of us much better Kung Fu artists. It really is innovative, take a look.

Bob doesn’t realize his mistake, and it's our advantage!

This tool is meant to help grapplers, MMA, BJJ, and similar martial artists get better on the ground, fast and easy.

But what I discovered is any Wing Chun practitioner and any striker can use his tool to analyze grappling moves in detail, take them apart piece by piece to find their weaknesses, and develop your own counters.

Here’s some sneaky ways you’ll use this to gain the upper hand
If you are comfortable on the ground, want to learn more about ground fighting, or want to improve your grappling skills… this is definitely made for you!

For everyone else. This tool shows you all the tricks a grappler will try to get away with. DENIED! Now you can shut him down, fast.

You will learn all the effective counters grapplers use on each other – and be able to do them yourself in record time!

My personal favorite: analyze their moves, find their weak spots, and develop your own street smart, pain inflicting counters. A grappler will think twice before dropping to his knees with you.
I hope Bob doesn’t find out the unfair advantage he’s given all of us, and then decide to block Wing Chun practitioners and strikers from using his program!