Age: Older than I look (which means I look young)

Weight and Height[Update] Lost a few needed pounds because I added Crossfit to my regimen. Also started following a paleo/vegetarian-like diet, except I don’t do a good job sticking to it, but like to mention it because it makes me feel like I actually do follow it. Height – no change.

— Need to lose a few pounds. Happy with my height.

HometownDude! The City of Angels (a.k.a. Los Angeles, California – USA)


Education: I’m brilliant, but couldn’t stand school, especially those college loans.

Family Tree: China, Japan, Peru, Spain or Germany (80+ year old grandma doesn’t remember). Most likely Africa, according to very clever scientific folks.

Martial Arts Background[Update] Did some Wing Chun in China!

— Some Judo, a lot of Aikido, a dash of Karate, a touch of Taiji chuan (Tai Chi), and Wing Chun Kung Fu all the way! Oorah!

Current Wing Chun Level:[Update] Level Seven (black belt) on Grandmaster Cheung’s scale.

— Level Six (dark brown sash) on Grandmaster Cheung’s scale.

Favorite Wing Chun MovePak-Chun-Lap Sau, Bil Gee to the neck, Elbow to the face, Knee to the lower ribs, Stomp kick to the knee… and a Roll Punch (just to make sure).

Favorite Martial Arts/Action MovieIp Man (2008).

Other Hobbies Besides Wing Chun: Reading, watching movies, traveling, languages, writing gibberish and surfing and snowboarding poorly.

Pets:[Update] Had one turtle and one fish, but not anymore. Back to, No.

— No

Something you don’t know about me (besides everything): I like to eat spicy food.

Psychographic Profile:

I can be really silly and immature or really focused and intense.

Read a more detailed description about me.

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