Do those finger strikes cut into someone?

Answer: Maybe. I’ve never seen it but I believe that a well executed Bil Gee strike (biu tze, biu gee. Mandarin: biao zhi 标指) can cut the skin.

I’ve been cut and scratched during practice with a lot less than a perfect bil gee strike.

However, even though cutting or stabbing into (like in a Kung Fu movie or Mortal Kombat video game) may be possible, that’s not the purpose of Bil Gee.

The Bil Gee form (Wing Chun’s 3rd empty hand form) teaches pressure point striking. Which means you learn how to inflict the most amount of pain and damage with the least amount of effort.

Example: finger jab to the eyes. Or a quick elbow to the head. A lot of damage for little effort.

Also, contrary to popular myth, Bil Gee finger strikes are not very forceful.

You aren’t trying to break cement bricks with your fingers tips.

These are advanced Wing Chun moves, very accurate and technical. And they’re effective because of their leverage – use little force to cause maximum pain.

Try it yourself: jab your own neck with your fingers. Do it lightly, very lightly, at first. And then build up…

At what point do you realize that you don’t want to jab yourself in the neck any harder?

I bet, you don’t even use one quarter of your available strength before you realize jabbing yourself in the neck is a dumb idea…

And now compare that to hitting yourself in the shoulder or your thigh with your fist. You can probably hit yourself very hard without much discomfort.

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