I’m overweight and fat. Can I still execute fast, deadly and strong Wing Chun moves?

Answer: Hell yes! You’re at a good age to start training Wing Chun Kung Fu or any other martial art. With your concerns of being overweight you should consult a health professional before staring a physical fitness routine like Wing Chun.

There are many BIG dudes who excel in Wing Chun and martial arts.

You have to commit to your training and skill building and I believe you can do it.

For instance, martial arts actor Sammo Hung has been big his whole life. And he’s super fast, limber like an Olympic gymnast and early in his career he did all his own stunts.

Then there’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Sifu Shannon Moore from the USA. He’s one BIG dude. His Chinese nickname is Da Shan (Big Mountain).

He’s wicked fast… like watching a bear fight Wing Chun Kung Fu. Check the video… The good stuff starts around 0:25. Enjoy!