Bruce Lee movies are often the likely reason martial artists get started in Wing Chun (and other martial arts) today. Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun before taking off in his acting career.

I know he’s the reason I started studying Wing Chun (and martial arts). Ask anyone in my kwoon why they study Wing Chun, and 100% will mention Bruce Lee.

It’s amazing to see how popular he still is among people old enough to have watched his movies as kids and with kids today who’ve only seen him on video or YouTube.

Bruce Lee Movies Where He Plays The Leading Role:

  • Game of Death (1978). Sadly, Bruce died before being able to finish this movie. They used archival footage of the scenes he did film (fights with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dan Inosanto and Chuck Norris) and added Bruce Lee stand-ins (Yuen Biao) to finish the film. Much to Bruce’s credit and great talent, this is the movie where he made the “Canary Yellow Jumpsuit” a famous cultural icon.
  • Enter the Dragon (1973). The first American-produced martial arts film, which is also responsible for making him an international movie star. He passed away only months after the movie’s release.
  • Return of the Dragon/Way of the Dragon (1972). He wrote and directed this movie. It’s most famous for the fight scene with Chuck Norris in the Roman Coliseum.
  • Fist of Fury/The Chinese Connection (1972). The Japanese occupiers kill his master, and Bruce Lee gets revenge using Wing Chun.
  • The Big Boss (1971). It takes place in Thailand. It’s hot, there are big blocks of ice and plenty of head bashing.

As you can see, his worldwide popularity, which has lasted over 30 years after his death, is largely a result of two to three years of Kung Fu movie-making (1971 – 1973). Who knows what else he would have accomplished?

One of the most well-known Bruce Lee movies is the popular “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” (1993). Jason Scott Lee, who plays Bruce did a fine job.

The most well-known and popular TV series about Bruce Lee is “The Legend of Bruce Lee” (2008). Which was produced in China and backed by his daughter Shannon Lee who was also the executive producer. It’s 50 episodes long and worth watching by any Bruce Lee fan.

For Bruce Lee’s 70th birthday in 2010, his younger brother Robert and older sister Phoebe commissioned and released a biopic movie called “Bruce Lee, My Brother” (2010). It’s a must-see for any fan because it focuses on his life before he moves to the US and becomes a famous action star. Something that’s rarely discussed.

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Bruce Lee also had many supporting roles in television.

The most famous character he played was Kato in the Green Hornet. His Kato character even guest starred in the Batman TV series (the 1960s) more than once. He played many brief roles on long-forgotten shows like Marlowe, LongstreetIronside and Blondie.

And Bruce Lee got his start as a child actor.

He appeared as a baby, not even one year old, in a black-and-white movie called Golden Gate Girl in 1941. His acting talent most likely came from his father, who was a popular Chinese Opera entertainer. And before moving back to the US at age 18, Bruce Lee was also a champion Ball Room Cha-Cha-Cha dancer in Hong Kong. In other words, he could dance, act and kick your @$*%&.

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