I have seen all the movies by Bruce Lee . The different thing about Lee is that he always fought realistic and natural fights scenes.

Unlike today’s Chinese movie style where they use a lot of special effects.

Bruce Lee always gave his audience a real fight.

And if you have some practical know how of martial arts you enjoy Bruce Lee’s fighting more as you see him punching and kicking his opponents. That is the way a true kung fu master should fight and you should try to play martial arts the same way.

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Another important thing about Bruce Lee was that fighting was his passion. He did it more for enjoyment than for earning money and fame.

He even went so far as inventing his own martial arts style. He was well aware of the fact that Wing Chun or kung fu was not confined to boxing rings but one may need it in his or her practical life. He invented his style keeping in mind all the practical needs and uses for Wing Chun and martial arts.

Last but not least, Bruce Lee is a true legend and he got his worldwide fame and popularity within a period of 7 years. He is still regarded as the best kung fu movie actor of all times.

Bruce Lee’s life history gives us a message that if you are sincere and passionate about your field, one day other people will acknowledge your importance.
Comment from Rob: Hi Nabil — You make very interesting points about Bruce Lee’s movies using little or NO SPECIAL EFFECTS in the fight scenes.

For sure things have changed in the movie industry over the years.

But it’s nice to see raw fight scenes (even if they’re choreographed).

I’m not a big fan of using wires like you see in most martial arts films today.

In fact, I’ve been loving a lot of newer action movies that use Parkour stunts instead of wires. Those look so much better and raw.

For instance, the French movie District 13 (2004: Banlieu 13 and its sequel). The last couple of James Bond movies. And I was very impressed with the fight scenes in the Bourne Identity (2002. And it’s sequels).

If you’re interested, you can read about Bruce Lee and how he died here. It’s interesting and still a lot of controversy many decades later.