I’ve just begun training in Wing Chun & LOVE IT!

Are there any exercises you could recommend to assist with getting the footing right? Any reading to recommend? I find the footwork very hard!

Many thanks.

Reply from Rob

Footwork is a big deal in Wing Chun and most other combat styles (especially the stand-up fighting styles).

What makes Wing Chun footwork a bit more challenging, or fun, or interesting, is that there are differences and nuances between the lineages.

A great way to go deeper with footwork is to use the WingChunLife Video MASTERY library.

It carries dozens of training videos that you can download onto your phone, tablet, or computer and use to train your footwork, balance, and kicks.

Just click on the link below and use the search bar to filter the titles until you find a footwork related video you want to purchase.

Here’s a tip: type one of these words below to find what you want faster:

chi geuk
chi gerk


Good luck and keep kicking buutt.

Seek the straightest path,