When you hear stories about martial arts or watch movies in your head it’s just either with actors or fictional characters.

I’ve been learning Wing Chun from a friend who’s studied it for 10 years and I can see what he teaches that Wing Chun is real and works in real life situations.

I myself have been learning for about 5 months. One thing I have learned is that it’s very addictive and rewarding. It’s something that seems so difficult but is much easier and fluent when taught in the correct way and the with correct understanding of forms and techniques.

To anybody reading this, if you are thinking about learning Wing Chun then do it!

As well as benefiting your health it also helps in day to day life with the choices one person makes.
Comment: Thank you for sharing your experiences and point of view.

It’s great of your friend to take the time to train you. I’m sure he’s getting just as much benefit as you are. Teaching is learning, as they say.

I invite you to give us an update as you progress in your training.

If anyone is interested you can find a Wing Chun school near you and start developing your skills.

As good as you !

by Thomas.

WC is only as good as you as you make it, being a realist will make your WC better, make your WC pre-emptive as much as you can if the shit is going to get real, adapt your WC for today’s streets……an elbow in the face is an elbow in the face no matter what style it belongs to, just do it.
Comment: Good points. Keep it simple. No need to get fancy. Simple, fast, effective, and get out.

I think too many people get hung up on techniques. I do too from time to time. But in a real life or death situation all that goes out the window, brutal speed is what saves lives.

A great resource to learn how to do this (although not Wing Chun specific) is the TFT program. It changed the way I see potential trouble and how I choose to handle it. You can learn more about it here.