It’s been 4 years since I launched this site, so I felt it would be helpful to give you an update.

Since you found your way here, I’m going to assume you’ve read a little About Me, my Fighting Dossier, or “Why you need a website.”

And after reading those pages you’re curious about starting a business, part-time or full-time, and you want more information about working from home, and/or owning an Internet business.

Good. You’re in the right place…

Let me start out with the bad news.

I’m not a millionaire, yet. has not taken over Google or Facebook or even Amazon in market share.

But, I might pass MySpace soon 😉

Even so, this ‘failure’ has more to do with me, and not with the tools I use to operate my business — SBI (SiteSell).

Success is an equal opportunity employer. You get what you put in, and you have to be adaptable.

I mention this because I don’t want you to get discouraged since I didn’t hit the lottery.

Your experience will be different.

The Good News

I’ve run into many people (SBIers in particular) who make full-time income with their Internet businesses. One lady I spoke to recently makes $250 to $500 a day (do the math yourself).

Her online business is about roses. Roses!?

The point is, opportunity is out there for those of us who work for it smartly. And SBI helps you work smart and guides you to building a viable business.

Going down this road has made a positive and measurable difference in my life.

In the last four years, this site has opened doors and new financial opportunities that wouldn’t have been imaginable without it:

  • I got to visit sifus in Peru and China.
  • Because this is a legitimate business venture, we also get certain tax advantages that makes an important difference to the family budget.
  • The skills I develop and refine on this site are transferable to my day job, making me more valuable to clients, and thus helping me earn more overall; just not directly through this website.
  • This is a family venture, too. A very small family business, that helps us grow closer together.

I’m much better off today than
four years ago

If you remember, what got me on this path was a goal, or questions I asked myself when I was going through a rough patch in life:

“What could I do, a business perhaps, which I can run from anywhere in the world and after I’ve built it up a bit… I can leave it alone for a few weeks or months… and it would still fund my training and family’s travels?”


“What’s something I can do that generates income with or without me, or at the very least, with little input from me once it’s up and running?”

Mission accomplished! Almost. (I already mentioned the millionaire part.)

The best answer I came up with at that time, and still today, is an Internet-based business.

And using SBI and all its tools and resources has made all the difference over the last four years.

(**I tried this for 1 and half years before discovering SBI, and couldn’t get off the ground. Today, I have three web businesses; more on this below.)

For instance:

  • Money from ads and affiliate sales come in at any time of the day, and it doesn’t matter where I am, or what I’m doing.

  • Now that it’s built, it keeps working. I just check up on things and make improvements when needed. And of course think about how I can keep growing and bringing more value to all my readers.

  • I often walk away from this site to take care of other things for days and weeks at a time. And it keeps on ticking. I’m not chained to it like normal job.

    (If you’ve ever run a business before, or managed one, you know that would be impossible with any other kind of business, especially without staff.)

  • I’ve run my business from Peru and China when I was in those countries. (And the business kept running on its own when I couldn’t get on the Internet from China for a few weeks).

  • I work from home (I can get to more Wing Chun classes). But I also work while on the road, if I want.

    I’ve updated the site, checked on stats, and answered emails from coffee shops and hotel rooms in China, Peru, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Southern California, and Northern California.

    In fact, I’ve even done work on the plane getting to some of these places.

It sounds fun and exciting, and it is. But as you can see, it does take a little work. And it’s all been worth it.

I’m in a much better position today than four years ago, thanks to SBI (today they also have a module for WordPress).

If a little elbow grease doesn’t scare you, and you have ambition, and you deserve more from life, then this is something you need to look into.

Besides, I’m not the only one experiencing results. Many SBI entrepreneurs have great success, too!

Details on some of the points above:

A legitimate business venture with tax advantages. This may or may not be important to you, and the tax rules where you live may not be the same where I am.

But it has helped our family budget a lot.

Where I live, if you just have a normal job, they tax you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But if you have a business, the rules change a bit because you can write off business related expenses.

This can lower your overall taxes, even those from your regular full-time job. Allowing you to keep more of your money in your pocket, where it belongs.

For instance, office equipment like a computer may be a business expense, some of the business related miles you drive may be deductions. In fact, the miles driven to the store to buy that new business computer could be deducted as business miles, too.

And your health insurance or the part of your home you use for business may give you needed tax breaks as well.

In short, you have more control over how much they take away from you, and how much you keep, when you own a business. SBI helps you start an online business, not just put up websites.

Please, talk to an expert in this area. I’m just letting you know that this may be possible for you too. And could be a welcome bonus to your bank account.

Marketable Skills. My day job happens to be in marketing and copywriting. But, don’t let yourself get discouraged if you think it gives me any kind of unfair advantage. It doesn’t.

As it turns out, the opposite is true.

Running this business gives me an advantage at my day job.

It allows me to polish the skills I need for my job. It enables me to learn and test new skills that I can use directly with clients; killing two birds with one stone.

I’m more valuable as a result.

Getting laid off isn’t such a concern like it was a few years ago, both because I own a business and because I have skills that are in demand.

You can have the similar benefits as well, even if you don’t have the same day job as me. Here’s why…

Owning an Internet business benefits you career-wise and financially:

  • For one thing, you’re learning a business skill, how to think and behave like an entrepreneur. Believe me, bosses like that. (If not your current one, then perhaps one of his competitors.)

  • In this kind of business (Internet business), you improve your communication skills.

    Computers, software, and devices are great, but nothing gets done until you get your point across, convincingly. You can get ahead faster financially, when you have solid communication skills.

  • And of course, you learn the technical skills related to Internet business. What company doesn’t rely on the Internet today?

  • Many people have segued a popular website into speaking engagements, media appearances, more lucrative careers, or in my situation more paying clients.

  • Not to mention your web business can take-off and replace your day job income all by itself.

A Family Business. You may not have a family of your own, or even want to be in business with your family. But it’s an important update for me to share.

Success begets success, as they say. is just one website I own now (it was my very first successful one, too).

I ‘partnered’ with my wife on a second Internet business. This one focuses on the dental industry. We expect it to be more successful than a site on something obscure like Wing Chun 😉

And early this year, I started a third website focused on child/school/education. As my kids get older they will lend a hand in the family business.

We figure that if they’re going to spend time in front of a computer or electronic screen, they might as well be producing not just consuming.

Plus, they get a chance to earn money and develop marketable skills, years before their peers.

SBI helps make all this easier and possible.

Mistakes and lessons learned. If you’re ready to get started, I wouldn’t recommend launching two or three new businesses in four years. Unless you have the budget and resources, or really want to.

I got a little too ambitious.

It was mistake for me because on top of all the normal life stuff, I’m now pulled in three different directions with three different online businesses.

It’s cut down on my productivity and effectiveness.

Indeed, I’m making due and currently measuring my options.

For instance, it may make sense to hire freelance help to do a few things here are there.

I’ve done a little of this already. But this adds cost and overhead, and I have a to-do list that could keep 20 or 30 people busy, but I don’t have the budget.

I could, and do, teach my wife how to do more. But she says this is “my” thing. So it’s slow going on that front.

And I will get my kids more involved. But training newbies takes time, too. And that’s in short supply as well.

What all this means to you…

As you can see, this business has really changed my life compared to four short years ago. And it may be the break you’re looking for, too…

  • It can be automated;
  • You can walk away from it for days or weeks at a time without breaking it;
  • It earns money on its own;
  • It can open up new avenues that allows you to make money and save money not directly related to your site;
  • You can work on it from around the world;
  • You work from home so commuter traffic getting to Wing Chun isn’t as big a factor;
  • You get to build something for the future;
  • And it may even create new challenges you don’t have now.

But it’s a big plus overall.

It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

That is to say, Solo Build It is a legitimate online business building tool and resource.

And I really thank the people at Solo Build It and other Solo Build It owners with helping me get to this point.

I really could not have gotten here without their guidance.

Today the opportunity is even better for someone like you. Solo Build It created the BizXpress WordPress module to help all those online entrepreneurs using WordPress.

Social media gives me more chances to drive traffic without depending on one company (Google).

And adding mobile (i.e. iPhone, Androids, etc.) has only created more potential markets for Internet business owners like us. Especially, if your business idea is better suited to a local market.

Solo Build It walked me through all these advancements, one by one.

If I can do it, you can do it.

However, as you can see, it takes a little work.

But it’s not like digging ditches in the desert in the middle of the afternoon, kind of work.

Instead, I work from a comfortable place like my home or an exotic location around the world. Wouldn’t you like to do this, too?

If a little work doesn’t scare you, and you like what you’ve heard this far, then I think you’re ready to move forward.

One last thought… if you have any final questions that I haven’t answered, ask the helpful people at Solo Build It here.

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