Many things have happened since starting this website about Wing Chun.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from many successful Internet business owners (Internet sifus).

I’ve also been honored to share my own experiences and give helpful tips to people curious about starting a successful Internet business for themselves.

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Maybe you want the same thing?

I started doing this so I can have more time and money to be with family,  train, and learn more about Wing Chun without guilt.

Wing Chun takes time to get good and it takes money to keep up. Neither of which I, nor any other martial artist I’ve ever met, has enough of.

The good news is that you can start a web business on any subject that interests you or have a passion for.

It doesn’t have to be about martial arts or about Wing Chun.

Look at the wide variety of successful online businesses that use SBI.

Maybe you’re looking for an “opening.” In the About Me page I touched on how a series of life events caught me off guard and negatively affected every area of my life.

That’s why I started looking for a way to make sure I wouldn’t be that vulnerable again. And that’s what SBI allows me to achieve today, and it can help you too.

I chose a business on the Internet because it’s a legitimate money earning path today. Plus, I could start it part-time and work from home.

It also met very specific goals:

  1. I can manage it anywhere there’s an Internet connection, and;
  2. Because websites are electronic and communication is by email… this business can be automated

This gives me, and even you, the chance to pursue other interests or opportunities. That’s hard to beat.

Here are common questions I run across when people are thinking about doing something like this for themselves:

How do you make money?

There are many ways to make money with a website:

  • Get paid for leads and referrals;
  • Sell other people’s products for a commission;
  • Sell a service;
  • Create your own goods and sell them;
  • Collect a finder’s fee;
  • Generate new customers for an existing business;
  • and many more.

The great thing is that SBI shows you how to do it all.

The easiest and fastest method to get started are ads. You probably saw links on this site that say “Ads by Goooogle”. Each time someone clicks on one you make money!

The better your site becomes and the more people who visit, the more money you collect.

Plus, you can design your website so that it runs and makes money automatically.

This way, you earn money while on vacation, sleeping, practicing martial arts… you have control over your life, income stream, and you don’t have to worry about being laid off.

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

No, actually YES!

Of course, you do have to do some work. But think of it like this:

You’re not digging ditches during the afternoon in the middle of the desert.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, or the chance to win the lottery, or if you think that you can just push a button and money falls on your lap… you’ll be disappointed.

But if you have motivation, commitment to your own success, and believe in honest work for honest pay, especially pay that can automatically line your pockets once you’ve set up your website and get it running, then this is very easy.

Everything you need to learn, SBI teaches you to do, step-by-step. Just follow their Action Guide at your own pace.

I personally like working on my website myself. I like the connection I have with visitors like you.

Besides, this is a topic that I’m passionate about, so it’s fun.

But if you’re uneasy about it, SBI has a number of tutorials and optional classes you can attend for extra hand holding or a little extra push.

Plus, if you’re a busy or successful business person and want a website like this, maybe as a pure annuity-type-investment or to support your current business, SBI even has an option where they do the work for you!

How much time do you spend working on your site?

At the moment I “work” on it on spare evenings and weekends.

And when I have a break in my day job or my family life quiets down, I throw myself into my website for as long as I can.

It’s not really work since my website is about something I enjoy.

This is important to share with you. In my first year, I barely touched my website the first three months because I was busy at my job and personal life.

Then, during the first holiday season my website celebrated I didn’t do any meaningful work from November through December.

That’s 5 out of 12 months I didn’t really do anything with my website.

The point I want to make is my website kept growing.

More and more people continued to visit. And I have SBI, their tools, and their training to thank for it (imagine how much more successful I’d be if I invested my time during those 5 months?! It makes me feel sick).

You’re in control and you set your own pace.

This all sounds good but I have no idea
what I’d make my website about.

No problem. Neither did I when I first started, and the SBI “sifus” I’ve learned through also had the same trouble.

But, you know what? SBI helps you choose a topic. And they show you how to select a profitable one, too!

Choosing a topic for your web business is important, probably the most important step, so don’t do it without SBI.

What if I can’t write?

That’s a common concern for many people. But again… SBI teaches you how to write compelling content.

In fact, they used to sell a book that taught you how to do it. But if you want, you can get a free copy here.

The great news is that the web is so dynamic. There are many ways for you to interact with your visitors and offer them great content.

Some examples are photos, video, audio, and podcasts. And yes, SBI shows you how to do each one.

Something that’s really helped me build valuable content is letting my visitors do it for me. SBI has a unique module (at no extra cost) called Content 2.0 (C2). It’s great because it lets visitors add content for you!

How much is it? What are all the costs?
Are there any hidden fees?

There’s a yearly subscription fee of only $299. Or, you can choose to pay monthly at $29.99 a month. Nothing else.

And if you prefer to use the WordPress platform to build your Internet business, SBI has a special WordPress module – BizXpress – that’s just $149 a year.

No matter how you look at it, it’s inexpensive.

If you try to put all the tools together yourself and find all the training on your own, you’d easily spend months, maybe years trying, and at least $5,000 or more!

Couldn’t I find free web tools online and do this all on my own?

Yes, actually NO!

Here’s why…

I made this exact same mistake before I discovered SBI. And I’m still applying Dit Da Jiao to my wounds.

Below is an excerpt I gave someone looking into a free blogging WordPress type site. I offer you the same advice.

[UPDATESince writing this reply, SBI decided to give WordPress users a hand. They created BizXpress, an SBI module for WordPress. Now they can be guided by the same proven methodology SBIers use. However, I still offer the same caution on the word “FREE” in the Internet business world. Read below.]

Hi Jeff,

The most important thing to understand is that WordPress is a technical tool. SBI is a process to build a successful online business, which also includes the tool that helps eliminate wasting time on technical matters.

Both WordPress and SBI are excellent products.

Which one you choose depends on what you want to achieve and how much time you have to spend, and more importantly, where you want to spend that time.

I’ve used WordPress as a blog/website and I use SBI as a website/with a blog.
 SBI gets tons more traffic and is less than 7 months old. The blog is over three years old.


And like it’s been mentioned in this forum, you can upload HTML and other complex stuff like Facebook plug-ins, video, audio, css, third party autoresponders, etc. etc. to SBI’s tool. You’re never limited by SBI.


There is no FREE anything online and cheap often gives you the same problems.

You either pay in cash, pay with many hours and weeks of aggravation, or both. Not to mention that it’s too easy to end up going down many dead ends and blind alleys…

I wasted a lot of time when I started learning and applying these things almost four years ago. I probably wasted my first year and half honestly learning about the Internet and putting up a website.

An seo/keyword tool here, an autoresponder there, a host somewhere else, domain register, template, code, pre-written code, plug-in, add-on, third party solution… Add to that, the time it took to “research” EACH piece of the puzzle! (Which is the best autoresponder company? Who’s the best host? Should I get the free plug-in, $19 option, or the $75 option? etc. etc. dumb, dumb, dumb…)

And believe it or not, none of those things really support building a business. They were more a distraction than anything else. A year and a half down the drain and nothing was really free. And nothing important was accomplished.


If you want a business (first and foremost) and you want the tools to help you build one online fast… and the resources to guide you business-wise and technical-wise, go with SBI.

If you like and/or have the time to “research” all available technical options, then WordPress and all of its universe of add-ons, apps, etc. will make you as happy as a kid in a toy store.

It depends on what you want to accomplish short-term and long-term and how you want to focus your time.


I set up my current SBI site because I knew I wanted a website that runs on organic traffic and, once built, has the chance of producing a long term monthly income with little input from me.

Both WordPress and SBI are excellent products.

Which one you choose depends on what you want to achieve and how much time you have to spend, and more importantly, where you want to spend that time.

WordPress is a technical tool. SBI is a process to build a successful business online and also includes the tool that helps eliminate wasting time on technical matters.

The one thing I’d add to my comment today is that SBI created the BizXpress WordPress module that pretty much eliminates, or greatly softens, the WordPress drawbacks I mention above. 

The bottom line? There’s nothing truly cheap or free online. You’ll pay in blood, sweat, and tears and probably have nothing to show for it.

Go with SBI.

If I can do it, you can do it.

One last thought… if you have any final questions that I haven’t answered, ask the helpful and friendly people at Solo Build It here.