Starring Gordon Liu
Made in 1978 by Shaw Brothers

My all time favorite!

Basic plot,

Dude finds his way into Shaolin monastery with the intention of learning kung fu to help in the rebellion against the Manchu.

He progresses through various difficult conditioning stages,empty hand and weapon training, until finally he has learned it all.

He leaves to reconnect with his friends in the rebellion, of course leading to some amazingly choreographed fight scenes (in which we see him actively using every phase of his training)

Perhaps the best thing about this is that all the choreography is top notch, and is done without any special effects of wires.

oh, an one more thing; Gordon Liu (Pi Mei in kill Bill, BTW) is a master of the tri-sectional staff 😉

Watch it! you will not be disappointed!

(yes, I am a martial artist)
Ryan: This is a great movie! And I didn’t know about the alternate title, so thank you for sharing that piece of info!