You wake up before the sun, groggy, both kids twisted and folded between you and the love of your life.

You’re still hopeful about the future. Just tired.

Leaving the house at 6 in the morning to beat the traffic, hopefully, you don’t spill your breakfast on your shirt and tie because you eat your breakfast in the car.

You have a slightly better job, but still not a millionaire.

Maybe you tightened your belt and did the responsible thing and bought a house or started a business.

Your house looks impressive on the outside, but you’re stressing out about keeping up with the mortgage every month – can’t let your family get kicked to the street.

Your business? Shit, it’s fucking harder than working for the man.

But something keeps you there, persisting, persevering, fighting to build something with your own hands.

Funny. No one seems to notice your effort or sacrifice. Your employees or your vendors? Heck no. Your wife? She smiles but crosses her fingers behind her back because she knows how tight things really are. She probably goes and gets a job even with two little ones at home.

Intimacy? What intimacy?

You’re out all day, your kids sleep in the same bed as you and the love of your life, maybe the love of your life is out all day, too. You’re both tired all the time. You haven’t taken a vacation in years. Not enough money. So-so money really kills passion.

Cracks are starting to show up in your storybook romance with the love of your life. You try to focus on the positive. But if you’re not careful and vigilant at this stage, nasty weeds will grow and choke your beautiful garden.


Somehow you managed to gain baby weight along with your wife. What?

You’re stressed out because now you’re not sure if things will work out like you imagined.

Raising kids is scary, and it’s damn expensive, and it’s tiring. And for some odd reason, it makes the love of your life short tempered with you… often.

Sometimes you wake up and if it’s dark enough outside and you still have a bit of eye gunk blurring your vision a bit, you swear to God you look a little like your father – aaagghhh!

You haven’t been to the kwoon in who knows how long. You haven’t been to the gym. You don’t even walk around your neighborhood.

You’re aging faster than you thought possible; at least that’s what your doctor says as he takes your blood pressure reading.

Keep training.

You’re just getting warmed up.

There are a lot of dark corners and booby traps here. Beware of the temptations.

Maybe the cute girl at the office likes to flirt with you, pays more attention to you than the love of your life. She thinks all your adventures are exciting and amazing, but the love of your life is bored by them and just rolls her eyes and tells you to go to the store to buy more diapers.

Perhaps, you get seduced by a new opportunity that promises you riches, but just ends up being a huge waste of time and money you didn’t really have available to invest in the first place. What are you going to tell the love of your life now?

Maybe you ignore the doctor’s warnings and end up in the hospital… and you hate hospitals and doctors. But now you’re there and you can’t leave until they tell you to leave.

Keep training.

Get past this funk. Focus on what you want, go after it. You can do it. You can be a hero to yourself, your kids, and the love of your life.

Seek the straightest path,