Hong Kong, Wing Chun, Kung Fu movies… this city is the birthplace of everything that’s cool about martial arts! Plus, they got great food.

I haven’t visited Hong Kong, yet. But when I do I hope I have enough time to visit a few sifus as well as the Ving Tsun Athletic Association headquarters and go for a tour.

Dozens, maybe hundreds of Wing Chun sifus have come from Hong Kong over the past decades. Most of Ip Man’s top students moved away from the city to spread the art all over the world.

Bruce Lee is definitely the most well known practitioner!

Today, I’d say Wing Chun is going through a mini-rebirth in Hong Kong. The huge success from the Ip Man movies has put Wing Chun on the map. Everyone, especially Chinese movies stars, are taking lessons and kicking butt!

Below are a few Hong Kong Wing Chun schools:

Want to Learn Wing Chun in China… But Having Trouble Finding a School in Hong Kong?

If you can’t find a kwoon in Hong Kong, keep looking. If a Wing Chun school exists anywhere, this city is your best bet. So try using the search box below. There may be schools who have not yet had a chance to showcase their academy.

Just type the words “Wing Chun” (without the quotes) and the city or area where you’re hoping to find a class, then click the search button.