A shout out to the 20 something Wing Chun martial artist.

In your 20s.

Looking good. Full of youth. Your whole life is in front of you and it’s bright.

You got one girlfriend, maybe dating a few.

If you’re lucky, you have one that’s special.

You share special moments together.

Maaaaybee, you decide to take some nights off from training Wing Chun to spend more time with her. Your buddies give you shit for it, of course.

But no matter because you’re full of energy. Even if you’re up all night, you’ll recover quick and get back to training the next day.

Or you train hard during an evening class, then go out all night with your pals and wake up like nothing ever happened.

If you’re one of the lucky few 20-somethings, you have that special woman and have amazing intimacy, crazy love making… borderline XXX.

Sometimes at her place, sometimes at your place, maybe in the car? Who knows, maybe even in the elevator in her building.

Why not?

You’re in your 20s. Old enough to know better, young enough to actually have sweet romance in an elevator without knee pain.

Your job, though.

You probably have a crappy job because you’re brand new, a white belt, low man on the totem pole.

Paying for classes and gear is tough. You have to choose between rent, gas, food, hanging with your buddies, your girl… how much is sifu’s seminar?!

But you know everything is going to work out because your whole life is in front of you.

Keep training.

Seek the straightest path,